Lindsay + Zac

"Daniela did an incredible job at our wedding. She was professional and personable. There was never I moment that I looked over my shoulder and wondered where she was. She caught every moment in a beautiful, artistic, yet natural way. I would recommend her to anyone."

- Lindsay + Zac Seymour

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"My husband and I hired Daniela for our wedding ceremony in November of 2013 and she exceeded our expectations - and I'll admit we had many. We wanted a photographer who was able to put their own artistic spin on the traditional while still capturing the heart of who we are as a couple. She adapted to the challenges some changes in our ceremony presented, and delivered amazing photos at a great value, while remaining professional the entire time. I would hire her again in a heartbeat. Thank you for everything, Miss Daniela! You will go far with your passion and talent"

- Renée + Justin

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"Daniela was awesome to work with! She created a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere during the shoot and let me know what her goal for the was while still being open to ideas from the models involved. Seeing the complete series was inspiring for me in my own art. She also sent me personal photos from the session which was awesome." 

- Jennifer Parkinson

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"I've never worked with someone who is more open to new ideas. Daniela is the kind of artist who does not put limitations on her work and is always on the hunt for something fresh. She's always thinking outside the box" 

- Lindsey Schlatter

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"I have loved all of my experiences working with Daniela. Modeling for her is always enjoyable because she has a fun and welcoming tone as she directs the shoot. Although Daniela let me work my own space as a model, she would politely direct my poses to ensure that the photographs would look natural and dynamic. I do not generally like how photographers portray me, but I feel as Daniela has a keen observation into how people like to be portrayed and she definitely plays to that. The photographs taken by her always look very artistic regardless of studio setup or limitations. I love all the photos Daniela has taken of me, and modeling under her guidance is truly a pleasure. 

- Kayden Seymour

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